Applicators Alexander Gorin

Applicators are devices widely used in cosmetology for facial and body skin care. They are special surfaces with a series of small needles or tips that apply pressure to the skin when used. In this article, we will look at applicators from a cosmetology perspective and see how they can help improve skin condition and overall health.

Advantages of using applicators in cosmetology:

  1. Micromassage: The needles or tips of the applicator perform a micro-massage of the skin, which improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps to improve skin tone and elasticity.
  2. Exfoliation: Applicators can help remove dead skin cells, which improves skin texture and allows for better penetration of cosmetic products.
  3. Reduction of swelling: Needles can help reduce swelling and inflammation, which is helpful for caring for tired or turning skin.
  4. Improve absorption of cosmetic products: By using the applicator, the skin is better prepared to absorb the active ingredients of cosmetic products.

Popular applicator types:

  1. Face applicator: This type of applicator is designed for use on the face. It can help improve skin color, reduce wrinkles and fight pigmentation.
  2. Body applicator: Body applicators can be used to care for the skin of the body. They can help reduce cellulite, improve skin texture and relax muscles.
  3. Anti-cellulite applicator: This type of applicator has been specially developed to combat cellulite. It helps to improve blood circulation and reduce the visibility of cellulite.


It is important to consult a qualified professional before using applicators, especially if you have any skin problems or ailments.


Applicators are useful tools in cosmetology. They can help improve skin condition, stimulate blood circulation and reduce various problems such as cellulite and swelling. However, to use applicators safely and effectively, it is important to know how to use them properly and what precautions to follow.