Filling materials Alexander Gorin

Over time, our skin undergoes changes associated with the aging process. However, modern cosmetology offers effective ways to combat wrinkles, volume loss and other signs of aging. One such method is the use of fillers. In this article, we'll take a look at what fillers are, how they work, and what benefits they bring to the world of cosmetology.

What are fillers in cosmetology?

Filler materials are injections designed to add volume to the skin and correct imperfections. They usually contain hyaluronic acid or other natural substances that are injected into the skin to improve its appearance. Fillers can be used to reduce wrinkles, add volume to the lips, correct nasolabial folds, and for many other purposes.

How do fillers work?

The action of fillers is based on their ability to retain moisture and create volume. When the filler is injected into the skin, it fills the space and adds volume while smoothing wrinkles and improving skin texture. The hyaluronic acid contained in many fillers also helps to moisturize the skin.

Benefits of dermal fillers

Wrinkle reduction: Fillers can significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles and smooth the skin.

Volume increase: They are used to increase the volume of the lips, cheeks, chin and other areas of the face.

The natural result: Properly selected and applied fillers give a natural and youthful appearance.

Long-lasting effect: The effect after a filler procedure lasts several months to a year, depending on the type of filler and the area of application.

Procedure with fillings

The procedure of inserting fillers is performed in a cosmetic clinic and usually takes a short time. The doctor applies anesthesia to reduce discomfort and then injects the fillers. The patient can return to daily activities almost immediately after the procedure.


Filler materials are a powerful tool in the arsenal of modern cosmetology. They help restore youthfulness and perfection to the skin by improving its texture and contours. However, it is important to seek the help of qualified professionals for the best results and safety of the procedure. With fillers, many people can feel more confident and beautiful while maintaining the youthfulness and natural beauty of their skin.