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Facial cosmetic treatment

One of the new directions in Studio Figura is cosmetic facial care. We strive to provide our clients with comprehensive services that save time and effort. We offer:

  • Kobido lifting facial massage - a Japanese technique aimed at restoring the natural processes of skin rejuvenation
  • Facial cleansing - according to the aesthetician's recommendation or your choice of mechanical, ultrasonic or combined method
  • Different types of beauty treatments to help you look fresh and elegant at all times

Studio Figura is a place that cares about women's beauty and helps women feel sexy, confident, energetic and healthy. We are located in the center of Prague in an area with good infrastructure, which is ideal for the modern woman who wants to stay beautiful and young even in the hectic pace of life full of worries.

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Body cosmetology

In this phase, we focus on specific problem areas. According to a predetermined plan, we use devices that focus on:

  • Breaking down fat reserves in designated areas
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Improvement and firming of the skin
  • Combating aesthetic deficiencies (uneven fat deposits, sagging skin, etc.)

In our studio we use innovative equipment that is used by professionals all over the world.

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Relaxation zone

Our relaxation and regeneration zone in Studio Figura is the place where you can regain your strength after training and treatments and deepen the effects achieved in the previous phases. You don't have to make any effort as the facilities do all the work for you. Pressure massage and myostimulation involve contracting the muscles with gentle electrical impulses, helping you achieve a firmer body and weight loss without additional physical effort. We also offer special supplement kits developed by our experts, detox programs and supplementation systems for weight control, appetite, immunity maintenance and metabolism.

By combining exercises, instrumental treatments and appropriate nutrition, we achieve the set goals and maintain the achieved results in the long term if you follow the advice of our beauticians and nutritionists.

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Fitness zone

Our fitness space is much different from what you are used to from regular gyms. We have multi-purpose fitness machines that work in a variety of ways: mechanical, ionization, warm-up, vacuum and more. Thanks to the comprehensive effect on the body, we achieve many effects, including fat reduction, firming of the skin and support of cellular metabolic and regenerative processes. In this way, we prepare the body for further intensive interventions targeting local problems.

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