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In our exercise zone you can work out on special exercise machines enriched with beautifying elements such as: infrared light, vacuum, collagen lamps, ionization system, slimming serum, hot and cold environment. So, not only do you lose weight and firm your figure while exercising, but you also firm and smooth your skin and reduce the visibility of cellulite

Vacu shaper

Enclosed treadmill in a capsule that creates a vacuum. Compared to traditional aerobic training, you exert four times more effort, thus burning fat and calories faster.
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Roll shaper

The exercise involves mechanical massage using rotating wooden rollers. Thanks to eighteen exercise positions, the lymphatic system of the whole body is stimulated. This reduces cellulite, stimulates muscles, shapes the body, improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body and strengthens immunity.
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Swan infra shaper

It is a device for comprehensive body shaping and an innovative combination of four components. The elliptical spinning wheel - an innovative aerobic endurance workout that engages the muscles of the entire body. Collagen Light - stimulates collagen production, firming and smoothing the skin. Infrared light - heats the skin deeply, speeding up metabolism and burning fat.
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Tulip thermo climber

The training is based on muscle work mainly in the legs and buttocks using training stairs. The exercise is accompanied by alternating hot and cold environments, which makes the body burn faster.
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